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ClearSale is a global pioneer and proven leader in fraud protection solutions with over 16 years of experience in adapting to the most diverse countries and markets, offering experience, size and flexibility to scale any operation.

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ClearSale eliminates fraud before it happens by sorting through orders to determine whether each transaction is fraudulent. Don’t deal with the headache of another fraud tool, our fully outsourced solution offers you practicality and peace of mind.

Our mission is to stop online fraud by providing our customers with the highest approval rates and lowest false positive rates in the industry

Head, machine-learning technology
Our proprietary machine-learning technology complemented by custom rules built from our experience with the relationship of millions of data points and sources guarantee that good customers are never inconvenienced.
Spreadsheet, High-tech manual review process
Our unique high-tech manual review process covers every suspect transaction - unlike our competitors - offering the benefit of the doubt to every suspected order, so that transactions are never incorrectly denied outright and your revenue neglected without reason.


In the early 2000s, ClearSale was the first company to guarantee chargebacks because we were confident that our solutions are effective. We continue to commit to achieving the highest KPIs and engaging in performance contracts.

Being available all the time is different than being excellent all the time. We are both.


ClearSale supports numerous major global brands, including Wal-Mart, Staples, Sony, Chanel, and more. Hundreds of millions of transactions are analyzed yearly.

With a customer retention rate greater than 99%, ClearSale is trusted by more than 2,000 customers trust ClearSale.


We use machines for efficiency and humans for intelligence. Why is combining artificial intelligence (also called machine-learning) with human analysis is the best possible method?

Artificial intelligence is a fast, cost-effective solution that smartly takes advantage of algorithms and big data. Nevertheless, artificial intelligence on its own is still limited.

Integrating human intervention with automated systems can drastically reduce the number of transactions that AI would automatically deny.

As human analysis leads to more accurate fraud decisions, adding those analytics back into the automated tools is the real process of “machine learning” – making the entire system smarter and more accurate.

We offer plugins and guides for major platforms that make integrating Clearsale's Solution simple in your CMS or E-commerce Platform

BigCommerce Platform ClearSale App
Magento Platform ClearSale App
Prestashop Platform ClearSale App
Shopify Platform ClearSale App
Woocommerce Platform ClearSale App
and many more...

Increase in sales + peace of mind

Bulletproof your e-commerce transactions with the best fraud protection technology and our team of in-house veteran analysts

Six reasons why ClearSale is the best choice for merchants that sell online:

1. Highest approval rates and lowest false-positive rates

Our proprietary machine learning technology complemented by custom rules and our experience with umpteen data points and sources guarantee that good customers are never inconvenienced. Our unique high-tech manual review process covers every suspect transaction - unlike our competitors - offering the benefit of the doubt to every suspect order so that transactions are never incorrectly denied outright and your revenue neglected without reason.

2. Flexibility

Our fraud scores, procedures, and assigned teams are trained and customized according to specific segments or specific aspects of your business, guaranteeing that most of the orders are automatically approved safely. Good customers are not bothered for no reason, and even the most complex instances of fraud are identified.

3. A proven, experienced model

ClearSale has 16+ years of experience and 2,000+ direct, national, and international customers, with hundreds of millions of transactions analyzed yearly. ClearSale provides a “re-analysis” feature to merchants, but its use is minimal, indicating that merchants are generally happy with ClearSale’s decisions, and its customer retention rate greater than 99% proves it.

4. High-end technology

The manual review process is a highly complex system that our in-house analysts have been thoroughly trained to implement. Each team has a specialty that we match to each client’s business, based on the areas of expertise. Our analyst teams take pride in keeping updated on the latest fraud practices used and how to best fight them.

5. Transparency

ClearSale offers a completely outsourced solution without being a black box, providing access to an online dashboard on your PC, tablet, and smartphone, allowing you to see real-time data on:

  • Pending approval requests
  • Current approval rate
  • Response time
  • Recent orders
  • Customizable history reports
  • Order details and comparisons

6. No Fraud-Related Back-Office Costs

ClearSale’s solution is a complete solution that does not require fraud analysts, modelers, a manual review team, or a fraud chargeback management team.  We offer a full package: machine learning, rules-based reviews, and manual reviews.

By not declining orders automatically ClearSale reduces the number of false declines that can cost sales and customer relationships.
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Our team of fraud protection experts will keep your approval rates high and fight for your revenue while giving your good customers the best possible experience.

With over 16 years of experience and 1000+ staff with a passion for fighting fraud, we are stronger than any machine could be.

More than 2000 clients trust ClearSale with their outsourced fraud management

Some of our clients
Some of our clients

What some of our clients have to say

The impact was immediate
Kimberly Gort, E-commerce Manager, Schutz

"With triple-digit percentage growth, comes growing pains. When we received a modest five online orders a day, using the free tool from our e-commerce platform provider worked fine. As order volume and sales grew, the model no longer worked. Some shoppers were blocked from placing an order or their order was delayed. We were missing out on orders, devoting almost a full employee to manually check the orders and seek out consumers to verify information. In July, we decided to integrate ClearSale. The impact of adding ClearSale was almost immediate, we had a 5% increase in approval rate from when we relied on our free plugin. The commission is worth it, as more sales are approved."

It’s simple math. More approvals + less fraud and chargebacks = higher revenue

With ClearSale's Total Guaranteed Protection, you can stop deliberating over fragmented anti-fraud packages. From integration to support, we work closely with you to ensure your security, confidence and freedom to sell.

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