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Featured Clients

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Some of our clients
Some of our clients

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The impact was immediate
Kimberly Gort, E-commerce Manager, Schutz

"With triple-digit percentage growth, comes growing pains. When we received a modest five online orders a day, using the free tool from our e-commerce platform provider worked fine. As order volume and sales grew, the model no longer worked. Some shoppers were blocked from placing an order or their order was delayed. We were missing out on orders, devoting almost a full employee to manually check the orders and seek out consumers to verify information. In July, we decided to integrate ClearSale. The impact of adding ClearSale was almost immediate, we had a 5% increase in approval rate from when we relied on our free plugin. The commission is worth it, as more sales are approved."

It’s simple math. More approvals + less fraud and chargebacks = higher revenue

With ClearSale's Total Guaranteed Protection, you can stop deliberating over fragmented anti-fraud packages. From integration to support, we work closely with you to ensure your security, confidence and freedom to sell.

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